Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Baby!

This week's update will be very disappointing, if you were expecting any change because there is not any. I am the same as last week. In a way I am really disappointed, but on the other hand I guess she's just not ready to be here. My due date is not really until Sunday so she must just need a little more time. I am more than ready my back hurts, and I am having constant cramps which will probably get worse until Cambree's glorious arrival. My plan, because I have to have one you know, is to go to my next week appointment on the 5th, and if still no baby I will schedule to be induced on whatever day the Doctor has available. My cervix is a tough one, good thing this is my last baby. Please pray for me because this plan is not iron clad, I'm still praying about it and I just want to have a peace that doing this is right for me, baby and family. Take care and I hope my next post is more exciting!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time Bomb!

Well, yesterday's appointment revealed that I am officially a walking time bomb. The doctor said I could go into labor any day now. I am dilated to a 2 and still 80% effaced. She said she really didn't expect to see me in the office for my next week appointment, but that we would make one just in case. I really hope she is right. I have had a horrid back ache since yesterday, and I'm really ready for this to all be over. I think I have enjoyed just about enough. On top of everything I have lost my cell phone. So I am a walking time bomb without a phone to call Brett when I do go into labor. I just hope I'm near a phone when it happens!

Kiley has started a little regression in her behavior. Although yesterday was a pretty good day. I'm ready for Cambree to get here so that we can get through this rough patch and move on. Kiley is very excited, but I think she is still anxious to see how everything will be after Cambree gets here. She asked me yesterday to please get baby Cambree out here. I thought that was really cute.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prayer Requests

Hey I just wanted to get the word out that my friend that was due the day after me had her baby by C-Section Thursday. It's a long story of why, but that is beside the point. The baby is in NICU with Pnemonia and from what I understand Amy has not been able to even hold her little boy. His name is Nathan so, PLEASE say a little pray for the Garinger family today.

Also I have a friend that we sing with her name is Sandra and she just found out she has breast cancer. Please pray for her as well. This all weights heavy on my heart and it would mean alot if I knew there were others praying too! Thanks

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not for Whimps!

I was told last post that I was sharing to much information. Well, here is your warning turn back now if you don't want to know the gory details.

I went to the doctor today, and I am 1+ dilated, 80% effaced, and -1 pelvic station (that means baby's head is low) So, I have dropped even though it doesn't look to low I have a short torso. Anyway! Does this mean baby soon? Who knows! From what I read there is not rhyme or reason to this labor thing. It happens when it is suppose to, and I learn from my 1st pregnancy to not get impatient and just wait it out. I am sure it will be more comfortable to wait it out in the comfort of my own home than it was to spend 24 hours at a hospital being poked and prodded, before my body was ready to deliver a baby. The doctor also said she doesn't think this baby is very big, so my fear of delivering an 8 to 9 pound baby has subsided for now. Dr. Robbins also said she didn't think I would be ready to deliver this week, so I should be at the baby shower my church is having for me. Well, there you have it! I will keep you posted.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well I had my 36 week checkup yesterday. I am pretty dissappointed that nothing is happening. I am soft but not dialated, but I still have 3 weeks to go so maybe on my next appointment we'll see some change. I didn't gain any weight, and I am going through my nesting stage. I think that ended Wednesday because I have been more sleepy the last two days. I plan on staying busy to pass the time. I still have to do baby laundry, and change Kiley's dresser to the bigger one. I have plenty to keep me busy. Halloween is getting closer (Brett and I want Cambree to be born on Halloween) so maybe we'll get our wish. I will post an update after my next appointment which is the 16th! Till then!